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The company is committed to providing automated product packaging solutions for the food, beverage, household and personal care, pharmaceutical and chemical industries.

We are a strong, stable and well-organized elite team composed of more than 50 people, with mature expertise in the field of canning, production line terminals and complete production line engineering solutions. The company takes first-class packaging automation as the forerunner, using robots and AGVs to lead the industry in intelligence (including future factories with excellent technical systems).

Our product development, manufacturing and technical teams provide customers with excellent value, from the final formulation of project specifications, installation and commissioning, after-sales, accessories and other full-service services.

Customer Service Solutions Support

1. Customer Service Solution

We provide a variety of services to support your daily operations and make your operations and business different.

2. Serving day-to-day operations

Professional installation and startup. Your machine or entire production line is completed in the shortest time by one of our experienced and skilled service engineers . The full functionality of the equipment is fully checked in cooperation with your operator . Start-up also includes enhanced training for your operators and professional technicians.

3. Remote Support

A team of 5 experienced engineers will help you solve technical problems as soon as possible through remote support.

We are here to help you 24/7

4. On-site Support

Our service technicians are eager to assist you. They provide you with a variety of services: training, audits, repairs, line optimization, and inventory level control.

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